MS SPEED BOAT—Let you have an extraordinary experience at sea

MS SHIPBUILDING has 25 years of shipbuilding experience. The minimum size of our speedboat is 3 meters and the maximum is more than 7 meters. Specific equipment and decoration can be customized according to customer preferences. Customers can drive MS SPEED BOAT on lakes, offshore, rivers, oceans, etc. Most materials are fiberglass, aluminum alloy, OrContinue reading “MS SPEED BOAT—Let you have an extraordinary experience at sea”

MS SHIPBUILDING—Make your dreaming passenger boat

MS SHIPBUILDING has 25 years of shipbuilding experience. Our passenger boats can accommodate a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 199+ people. Horsepower ranging from 40-600. Most of the materials are glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy and steel. The areas where passenger boats can sail are Lake, offshore, river, ocean etc. The passengerContinue reading “MS SHIPBUILDING—Make your dreaming passenger boat”

Buying a fishing boat—What you need to know

Fishing can be a lot of fun, as a adventurous fishing enthusiast, there will be many restrictions on shore fishing. Fishing at sea is more thrilling and exciting, allowing you to experience a different life. So you need to buy a fishing boat you like. You can put food and drinks on board, and enjoyContinue reading “Buying a fishing boat—What you need to know”

7.6M fishing boat is better than others?

7.6M Leisure fishing Boats technical specification for model MS-760 MS Shipbuilding CO., LTD. Usually do fishing boats from 3-30m, and here just list this best selling type 7.6m fishing boats, it is same model as 11.3m, 9.8m and 7.6m, the price actually nearly same just some aluminum plate materials more or less, and the labor costContinue reading “7.6M fishing boat is better than others?”

Why every successful people should have his own personal fishing boat?

Ms Shipbuilding CO., LTD. Collect the following reasons to make you clear the answers. Actually it is not all our ideas and most of them from our customers experience. Fishing is most popular sports as Ocean Golf. It is the best sea entertainment no matter you out to sea with your families, your colleagues, yourContinue reading “Why every successful people should have his own personal fishing boat?”

5.0m 5.5m aluminum working yacht/cruise yacht

5.0/5.5*2.0m aluminum working boat/cruise boat specifications Effective pictures views: 2, Main technical parameters The total length is                                     5.0 m The water line is                                      about 4.3 m Ship width                                            2.0 m Draft                                                 about 0.98 m Designed Speed                                      about 15-20 knots Capacity                                             about 900-1000kg  Fuel capacity                                         about 60 litres Hull net weight                                                360-380kg Optional:                                                     Engine, GPS, VHF, compass                                                                Anchor, Saving jackets, anti-collision ball etc. 3, General layout: 4.4,Continue reading “5.0m 5.5m aluminum working yacht/cruise yacht”

How to distinguish one yacht is good quality or not?

It is very necessary to know the yacht is good quality or not, that will help you to make a correct choice when you plan to buy a yacht. So now MS shipbuilding will list the following attentions, hope they are helpful to you. 1, Please check and confirm the yacht is not re-conditioned. HowContinue reading “How to distinguish one yacht is good quality or not?”

How much for the 560 5.6m yacht?

Ms shipbuilding supply the 5.6m yacht model is MS-560, it can be devided into aluminum boat and fiberglass boat type. If just take the yacht hull, now according to 11th Nov. 2021 USD rates, now the price can be USD8000-8800 about exclude the engine, and the power can be 40hp, 60hp as you like. Engine brandContinue reading “How much for the 560 5.6m yacht?”

Fiberglass yacht and aluminum yacht, which is better?

If I were you I will choose aluminum yacht, i will say aluminum yacht is better? Why? Please i just on behalf of MS Shipbuilding co., ltd. To discuss this matters, and of course our shipyard could manufacture both aluminum yacht and fiberglass yacht, and some steel vessels. 1, To protect the global environment eachContinue reading “Fiberglass yacht and aluminum yacht, which is better?”

Why the private fishing boats more popular?

The private fishing boats can be with all the features of the luxury yacht and with the function for fishing, that makes the yacht sailing more funny. Ms boat miss your week, just find your love by the fishing boats, normally for fishing boats Ms Boat supply from 3.5m to 18m. The inner decoration canContinue reading “Why the private fishing boats more popular?”

What is a little small fishing boat called?

A little small is not a problem, MS ship building co., ltd. has a smallest fishing boat, that is the length can be 2m, it is the folding PPR materials boats, compare with others, this kind of fishing boats features as: 1, this is portable folding fishing boats, the folded size can be 140*180*50cm, thisContinue reading “What is a little small fishing boat called?”

How to be dealer/agent yachts of MS shipyard?

Now MS ship building co., ltd. Now is expanding the global market. Welcome you to be our agent and dealers for all kinds of yachts. Here the main introduction for Ms shipbuilding co., ltd. For private fishing boats, Jon boats, bass boats, working boats, cruise boats, house boats, catamaran and some luxury boats from 3m toContinue reading “How to be dealer/agent yachts of MS shipyard?”

How to design a leisure yacht from Ms Aluminium Boat Shipyard?

Ms Aluminium Boat shipyard could help you design your needed all kinds of leisure yachts, besides we system 36 popular models, we every year will update at least 2 kinds of models, so you could choose from the popular models and add your own prefer elements. That will be very easy to operate for eachContinue reading “How to design a leisure yacht from Ms Aluminium Boat Shipyard?”

39ft aluminium boat

Ms Aluminium boat supply the 39ft aluminium boat, equals to 11.8m. And the drawings can be: If neglect the rear bar, the drawings also can be: This design is more quick no matter you use it for private family outing or for a friends party, it is a good choice for pleasure and fishing. So somebody call it luxury boat,Continue reading “39ft aluminium boat”

How big is a speedboat?

There is 2 person speedboat, 3 person speed boat, and of course there is 20-50 person speed boat, they belong to the large yacht. The sport speedboat is small open type deck yacht, normally without cabin or only has a mini, cabin. The sport speedboat has the features as sliding boat body, sport type surfaceContinue reading “How big is a speedboat?”


1. Durable life–anti rust or rot because of the materials is 5083 ocean aluminium plate, and could fend off -200 degree, Ms Aluminium boat heat many bad weather. 2. Light weight& anti-strike capability–MS Aluminium boat have Light body and stronger ability for anti-strike compare with other materials. 3. Freedom Customized–MS Aluminium boat no matter the innerContinue reading “PRODUCT ADVANTAGE”


COMPANY ADVANTAGE 1. Design capacity: Ms Aluminium Boat have own design department for the yacht design, system have more than 100 basic models they are approved by CCS bureau. Once the order confirmed, Ms Aluminium Boat will firstly issue the drawings within 7 days for buyer confirm, until all no problem, then start to produce.Continue reading “COMPANY ADVANTAGES”

Can one person sail a ketch?

Yes in theory there is no problem and no limitation for one person sail a ketch. Why we say like this, MS Aluminium boat help you to explain that in details. Now the technology can support the total autopilot, including lift and decrease sail and adjust by computer control. The luxury designed one person bigContinue reading “Can one person sail a ketch?”

Can one person sail a catamaran?

Yes you yourself can sail a catamaran. Now please Ms Aluminium boat introduce you some information about the catamaran. What is the Catamaran? It means two separated boat hulls, they upper connected together by a strengthened frame then to combine an integrated boat. There is one engine and one propulsion or bow thruster in eachContinue reading “Can one person sail a catamaran?”

What is the price of a catamaran?

There are many kinds of catamaran, different materials, different designs and different length, the price will be totally different. For personal families 3-5 members application, the catamaran price can be USD380000 about for common style. If for a luxury type with supper engine and also with sail on it, then the average price will beContinue reading “What is the price of a catamaran?”

Can you drop anchor in the middle of the ocean?

Dear Sir, normally we think that is impossible to drop anchor in the middle of the ocean, why? Please let us together with Ms Aluminium boat shipyard to see the following matters: 1. The depth limitation: The anchor is very familiar for the screw, most of time, where we want to stop the boat whereContinue reading “Can you drop anchor in the middle of the ocean?”

How big of a boat can one person handle?

Nearly all boats one person can handle. As now tech. Standard, but : usually for the first-class captain to drive the max 3000ton boat in the river. If for ocean sailing, more than 1000ton boat should at least by more than 2 captains. So for the yacht nearly all can be less than 1000ton, doContinue reading “How big of a boat can one person handle?”

How long should you finance a bass boat?

Normally 1 year, 2 years, 3 years all is OK just as what you like. It is Not important, just according to different government or agent rules, maybe you could by zero investment to get a bass boat, and plan spend 3 years to finance it, or first year you could choose just to rentContinue reading “How long should you finance a bass boat?”

What is a good beginner bass boat?

A good beginner should do the following things before sailing in the sea: 1. Familiar the local rules of the yacht bureaus, then take all the materials and certificates to register on local marine government, each country or area has many marine government instruct to do the register, different country or city has different rules,Continue reading “What is a good beginner bass boat?”

Why are bass boats so expensive?

Why are bass boats so expensive? Yes compare with fiberglass boat, aluminium boat is really expensive, because of the advantages: easy to shape and better inner decoration, lower temperature performance, environment-friend, re-cycle usage etc. MS Aluminium boat shipyard tell you why the bass boat is so expensive: 1. The electrical parts Maybe you chose internationalContinue reading “Why are bass boats so expensive?”

Can I customize a yacht?

Yes of course You CAN! Ms Aluminium Boat Shipyard always help customers to design satisfied boats, and customers usually customized they liked styles from Ms Aluminium Boat Shipyard. The customers asked for bass boat, bay cabin, cruiser boats, luxury boat, express boat, fly bridge boat, catamarans. For us to design a yacht is a new specialContinue reading “Can I customize a yacht?”

What is the best speed boat to buy?

What is the best, the most suitable is the best. Besides the world international famous brand, we do suggest you choose MS aluminium boat from the price, design and delivery time, quality and power system all are the china top class and more economic one. For luxury boat, the price is usually USD90000-160000 about, ifContinue reading “What is the best speed boat to buy?”

Bass boat Introduction

Normally a smaller bass boat common type 3.8m is USD25000 FOB Shanghai about, the price will be changed by many factors. Bass is one kind of fishing sport, it came to China since 2007, which features is more environmental-friend. So MS Aluminium boat have 12 years experience to export bass boat to Europ and asia market.Continue reading “Bass boat Introduction”