Who should have a bass boat?

Anyone desert to have a bass boat or a small fishing boat, no matter what kind of job you are doing, no matter your age (but not absolutely, normally suggest 18-65 years old) and your area, please just make sure you could come to the sea or the lake, if your house near the sea, that will be so great.

Ms Aluminium boat shipyard export more than 25 years, the oldest customer is 72 year old and the youngest captain is 14 year old, haha, but he has no license just has the driving capacity. Both Male and Female, the love for the sea, the love for the boat never change for many years, this habit follow them one or two generation, they focus on cuddy cabin, deck boat, jon boat, luxury yacht, that is one important part of their life.

For the fisherman, to have one bass boat, that is the smart thing, since that, only dream wants to go, that is advance direction.

One person one dream, two person, one bigger dreams.

For a bass boat, besides the besides speed boat function, it also has many details is special design for bass boat sportsman.

The head of bass boat is flat and enlarged, which is very convenient for the fishermen walking and throw fishing bar. Stand on the deck and make a lower throw fishing, gentle! Do you think it is just like the man-made Golf course, no it is just the NATURE, it is just the pursue of the fishermen.

Besides driven by hands, the high luxury bass boat can also control by feet, although it speed is slow, for your pleasure fishing it is good choice.

There is a higher chair folded on the head deck, what do you discover? Do you know the functions of this chair? Stay with us, you will get more interested things from MS Aluminium boat, and of course you could email or online contact us for all the answers, and issue all kinds of your problems, hope we could help you more.

The bass boat controller system is same as the common speed boat. Most of the time during the speed boat games, there is some limitations for the bass boat power. We should understand, that is the basic respect for the games, to find an honest and actual winner of the bass boat, to do as this is more fair to each other.

No matter for games or sailing for fishing, time is golden, this bass boat designer prepared  at least 3 fishing bars box for the user, really considered. Saving time is saving life, to thing more, to do more and make more users happier and comfortable, that is our final target value, multi-win that is the final balance. Is that a hard job, absolutely! Ms Aluminium boat is one of them, we think we will be excellent in the Multi-species Boat and Personal Watercraft filed.

Look at this bass boat complete function view, 3 seats, the whole deck designers with many kinds of case and box, to use the space perfect. Two fishing bars cases, drink table, tool kits case, a sighting position, at rear of it there are many amazing things.

This mini.refrigerator is very useful, we usually call it yacht cooler case or yacht refrigerator.

Fish storage case. After finishing the games of bass boat, then weighting the fishes and release them all. So it must have a space to put fishes. In order to make sure the exact fishes, the fish storage case needs the Oxygen function. If in hot sea, it is better to put into some ice, why? Can you tell me?

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