How to distinguish one yacht is good quality or not?

It is very necessary to know the yacht is good quality or not, that will help you to make a correct choice when you plan to buy a yacht.

So now MS shipbuilding will list the following attentions, hope they are helpful to you.

1, Please check and confirm the yacht is not re-conditioned. How to adjudge it? If you find the yacht outside looking very new, but the inner few parts look not as new. Please be careful, this boat maybe re-conditioned not new.

2, Be careful it should be the newest produced date not the sample. The sample means it was before used to display in the workshop or took part in some exhibitions before. Then the sampled yacht performance will be less than the actual yacht. Please pay attention to this.

3, To see is to believe, you could search your supplier actual video and other social media, Ms shipbuilding youtube, facebook, ins, twitter, tiktok and linkedin always welcome you to check online, and if you plan come to China, we all warmly welcome you could come to our shipyard to test.

And to test what, you know if one boat buyer want the CCS certificate, then need CCS bureau come to test, you just check the CCS test the items, bear in mind to check and ask your supplier for the boats parameters.

As yacht supplier, MS shipbuilding co., ltd. Will list you the parameters as:

Engine parameter and its manufactured day, you could search from the website of Yamaha and Mecury from google, the engine is international standard, when public it must meet the sea bureau standard.

The steering system, MS shipbuilding co., ltd. Usually supplied together with the engine, that means the steering system will come from yamaha or mercury if the engine power no more than 90hp. If more power the steering system will be not packaged as the engine case.

The engine is just like the heart, and the steering system is just like we feet and legs.

The keel of the yacht, the keel is just like we body spine, so what is the keel?

Ms shipbuilding keel can be special made by a new generation type, that is The utility model including the keel body, the keel body is provided with a groove for the bone fixing block, the fixed block and the keel body are fixed by a fixed connection, and the keel body is fixed by rubber and screws. The beneficial effect of the utility model is: the call keel adopts The fixed block is fixed and has a certain effect adjustment, which is more precise and better. The summoning keel is wrapped with rubber to provide cushioning for the summoning keel in the process of hitting, so as to avoid collision and damage to the keel. Screws to prevent PVC rubber from falling off during use, attracting the entire structure pattern.

The welding craft and the water sealing craft is very important for yacht. Ms Shipbuilding co., ltd. Usually use the 5083H116  aluminum alloy sheet and AMg5Mr aluminum alloy profile. Automatic submerged arc welding uses HQ 8A welding wire and 403 (431) flux, manual arc welding uses junction 422 welding rod, and argon arc welding uses R5556 aluminum-magnesium alloy welding wire or materials cut from aluminum alloy base materials. The circumferential seams of the main hull and the end joints of the deck, the butt joints, the stern shaft frame and its connecting members shall be welded with 42 low-hydrogen type welding rods. The welding materials used for the hull, such as welding rods, welding wires, shielding gas, etc., should comply with the relevant regulations of the China Classification Society’s “Rules for the Classification and Construction of Steel Inland Ships” (2002).

The main hull components can be welded by submerged arc automatic or semi-automatic welding, manual welding and gas shielded welding; butt welding can use tungsten inert gas shielded welding (TG); fillet welding can use molten inert gas shielded welding (MG).

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