Fiberglass yacht and aluminum yacht, which is better?

If I were you I will choose aluminum yacht, i will say aluminum yacht is better? Why?

Please i just on behalf of MS Shipbuilding co., ltd. To discuss this matters, and of course our shipyard could manufacture both aluminum yacht and fiberglass yacht, and some steel vessels.

1, To protect the global environment each person has the responsibility, the earth is our common house. You know to build a fiberglass yacht will cause how much pollution?

The materials of FRP are mainly glass fiber (a hazardous substance), epoxy resin (non-toxic), and glass curing agent-ethylene diamine (a toxic pollutant).

As early as 1999, American marine architect Eric Sponberg issued a warning in the recreational boating industry. He published an article called “Recycled Dead Boats”. Quoting his original words, he said: “This industry uses glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), a durable and almost indestructible material to build ships, which is simply ‘lifting a rock and hitting one’s own feet’.”

2, If you dislike it, the materials can not be re-cycle use and you have to prepare a space for it even for many many years. So when you want to by a fiberglass yacht please make sure you have enough space for it in case some day you drop it. And nearly no body will buy the used FRP materials. But for the aluminum yacht, you could destroy it and at least you could sell the aluminum alloy plate nearly by the half price of the new, usually sell as per tonnage, now in china the second hand aluminum alloy plate is RMB28000/tonnage, you could image, if your yacht is 600-200000ton, you will nearly keep your cost return at least 1/5-1/2. So fiberglass is not economic for using end deal with.

3, FRP is not easy to customized if just for just one sample. The fiberglass yacht need to build by a mould, if you want build a special designed fiberglass yacht, no the mould is not possible, so firstly you must try to open a mould for it, and open a mould will cost a long time and also the higher charges, once the mould finished it could not revise again. Comparably with aluminum yacht, it is more flexible, you could change and revise anywhere as you like, and even no drawings is possible for some jon boat, just by some keels fixed is OK.

4, Fiberglass yacht will take more space for the mould or the wall etc. That will make the yacht inner space is smaller than aluminum boat, and the fiberglass yacht is more heavier, so it is not fuel-saving.

5, For the colors aluminum yacht is more colorful painting than fiberglass yacht. So bad looking for the fiberglass. Looking is very important no matter who you are or where you are from, when we meet beautiful things, we must spend more time to see it. To see means we are impressed by it, and will think it more maybe to do some action at current or in the following time, that is beauty influence. We have to admit that, yes Alice is the same. So try to do your more effort to make you and all your things look better and pretty, that is our love on it and that is our attention on it, if cherish, if love why not to make it better?

So now do you agree with me to choose the aluminum yacht?

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