How to be dealer/agent yachts of MS shipyard?

Now MS ship building co., ltd. Now is expanding the global market. Welcome you to be our agent and dealers for all kinds of yachts.

Here the main introduction for Ms shipbuilding co., ltd.

For private fishing boats, Jon boats, bass boats, working boats, cruise boats, house boats, catamaran and some luxury boats from 3m to 68m with fiberglass and aluminium alloy materials.

You could according to your market trends and end users interests to choose the boats you like, the first year, just take 5 boats you could be our agreement agent in your country, and make sure every year there is 20% increase, for details agent agreements please be freely contact us by calling or Whatsapp 008613564780885, nearly all the rules are the customers-oriented.

For the yacht import business, most countries nearly no limitations for the license of renting or trading etc.

Here Alice want to say more about my own story about the agent matters.

For us, at the beginning 15 years ago, we just wanted to build the ships and sell oversea and to help more customers. To service one customer and receive the good feedback will make us happy a week, and great encourage us to do more better in the following cooperation. We just want to be a small but a stronger shipbuilding company, we do not have big dreams with more than 1000 workers and to be public and sell shareholders, to help our workers and help our workers families members to be more rich and more happy is our target. We have to say, at that time we really have a small dream.

Until one day I know my teacher leader Ms Guo told me that: since you could service some customers in good, why not to service more customers in a better way? One person could go fast, but one team could go far! We should stand on the earth stronger, of course we could see the sky confidently. Wow, really, why not! We could be better and we could help our customers be better and better. One better and few better is not the real sense, to make more and more better that is biggest succeed. This words great encourage us and improve us every day, to do manufacture must to do quality stable, no matter customers use the yachts in the river or in the ocean, we keep the same standard for the aluminum alloy materials by 5083H116. maybe you more take care the fashion looking of the yacht, but for Ms shipbuilding we are more care about the safety and its well navigation. Some few customers pursue lowest price the first time they missed the cooperation with us, yes, we could lose one time them because of the price, but we could not loose them always because of the quality. For we deep heart, we totally know that, today we could loose one customers because of quality, tomorrow we must loose two customers, and the day after tomorrow we must loose more customers and loose the market, and later we must loose the whole country, that finally we loose ourselves.

When i was young, my father(now I had lose him in his 62 year old, just 3 moth ago, oh tears, many tears…) told me that to be honest no matter to your colleagues, to your customers and to your family members, honest is the whole life wealth, yes we totally agree, i want to transfer this wealth to my colleagues to my babies and make it forward. Oh it made me to miss my father again……

I am sorry make you in sad mood, ok, next topic now. Ms shipbuilding value message is not only to keep honest but also to keep kindness. In 2021 Nov. We signed agreement with an Africa primary school to support more students for their education. We just the international world wealth porter, who need it we just to do some support as our effort. And to sell yacht we just to make sure a balance for the workers and our selling amount and the markets, in my deep hear, I always think, to run a company and finally means to run a charity, because we need consider more needs from workers from customers and from markets.

For myself, just 12 years ago when I just graduated from university, the first month salary just RMB1500, and i have to support a strange student for his education, i never meet him and nearly few calling to him, at the beginning, i took RMB200 every month to support him and after 3 years later, I support him RMB500 per month until he graduated and to be a teacher in north of china for the major of chemistry. That is a full of love position, to teach and to share the knowledge to others, and last few moths he get married, i am so proud of him each steps until today succeed.

For we domestic we could share love and consideration to others, why not to the world, the world is just an international village, to do each step from the bottom of heart and do most effort to service each project, to give is more happier that to receive, do you agree with me? Yes, just like us to give more effort to the customers.

If you check with our old customers, you will know Ms shipbuilding features different from others, and know the reasons how we gain the market, welcome your email, calling and visit.

Since 2010 we large market exploration and to discuss agent one by one, till now we have 16 agents overseas, and we are not satisfied for this, we believe we could do that more. Any questions for our company background and license and some catalog and some tech. Support please do not hesitate to contact us and for more cases show please stay with us for the website and and search from YouTube, twitter, facebook, tiktok, linkedin by company name Ms Shipbuilding co., ltd. You could find us anywhere.

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