How to design a leisure yacht from Ms Aluminium Boat Shipyard?

Ms Aluminium Boat shipyard could help you design your needed all kinds of leisure yachts, besides we system 36 popular models, we every year will update at least 2 kinds of models, so you could choose from the popular models and add your own prefer elements. That will be very easy to operate for each clients, and of course if you do not do like this, please just issue your own idea or even drawings is OK. We of course accept your any creation for this leisure yachts. Especially for example the 3.8m aluminium alloy boat, the 6.5m aluminium boat, the 38ft yacht, the 7m landing craft etc.

In recent years, personal family leisure yacht is more and more popular for family holiday outing, family party, pleasure fishing field. Especial in the area of Bahamas, Hawaii, New England, Caribbean, Belize, Mexico, Mediterranean, British and U.S. Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands they are the world top yacht cruising areas.

And now South Africa water area is ready to open. Then you don’t have to be crowded on a big cruise ship to share the blue sky, blue sea, islands, beaches and clean air with thousands of people. You don’t have to endure the trouble of packing luggage at each station, let your body indulge in the infinite charm of nature, to feel the new world and new experience.

For example, Asher’s luxury yachts are designed to satisfy the world’s most discerning people for their life enjoyment. Different ships will be equipped with equipment and facilities:

(1) Deep-sea diving equipment, large-scale sea fishing equipment, high-speed motor boats, sea kayaks;

(2) Large massage pool, luxurious SPA, sauna, skeet shooting entertainment system, professional KTV;

(3) Sports bikes, professional motorcycles, small multi-purpose vehicles, helicopters, parachutes at sea.

So if the luxury yachts of Asher’s are the world’s first, then MS Aluminium Boat can be ranked as the world’s top 50, China’s TOP ONE.

You could design your own leisure yacht with the size as followings:

1, the yacht less than 40ft:

This is the most common type of leisure yachts, international price lower than USD1000000, but for MS Aluminium Boats the39ft yacht price is USD250000 about. Which includes:

–CCS and CE certificate if necessary;

–Aluminium alloy 5083H116 hull with thickness 5mm;

–1 set of Mercury brand engine 250hp with complete steering system;

–12V bilge pump;

–Marine charger;

–Marine Battery;

–Stainless steel fuel tank with capacity 100L;

–1pc of electrical trumpet;


–stainless steel bars;

–fender side glass;

–marine doors;

–anti-sliding deck;

–Complete marine audio devices;

–LED marine lights;

–One room with two beds;

–room ceiling and wall and floor decoration;

–driving control console;

–one set of sofa;

–Water-proof panel;

–4 life jackets;

–4 anti-collision ball;

–2 life buoys;

–1 sun-tent.

Although the inner decoration is simple yet with all equipments such as beds and driving rooms and sofas and maybe some with bathroom etc. And most inner decoration wall, floor, room style are all design by we shipyard 6 engineers as reference, we usually finish this yacht one month could for 15-20 pieces.

This kinds of boats mainly for the middle class personal application, it is also very easy for transport by the yacht trailer:

also maybe some motor boat can be on the deck of this yachts.

2, the yacht is 40-70ft

This is the most popular leisure yacht size. This kinds of yachts we mainly design and produce by bulk, the luxury degree is different if by different designers, this kinds of more than 40ft yacht with one or 2 bedrooms, it requirements a professional driver or a captain, and if you think you are an expert, of course no problem, just do it.

Do you think it is so beautiful?


Ms Aluminium boat could help you to design this boat total same with fly bridge.

Now let us see inner each parts.

The additional floor or balcony is unfolding by the yacht side, it larger the using space, then just insert the handles and do some necessary protection ways is OK, if you just want to keep it, very good, you could drop into the sea any time to enjoy it。

We think this function most of water sports lover like it.

The table shape, color and materials, folding or not, the sofa can be folded and with electrical control to change the shape and with massage function, and of course the sofa materials can be leather or cloth type.

And sometimes the sofa can be changed its shape into beds for leisure.

The yacht kitchen can be customized:

1, The faucet is bent down 90 degrees, with a splash design, Double sink design with cover plate.

2, The induction cooker is designed for cooking and grilling, and the safety design has no hidden dangers.

3, Equipped with automatic dishwasher etc.

The room can be designed with two single beds connected in parallel, or a double bed, multifunctional storage boxes and players can be designed near the windows, and ceiling-mounted air conditioners can be designed on the roof.

The design of the yacht bathroom is also multi-functional, the mirror is designed with light, the wash basin is equipped with a splash faucet, the wall is placed with multi-functional toiletries, and the toilet is also electric and heated. And the rational use of other spaces.

Looking at the ordinary stairs, it is also carefully designed. The non-slip floor, thickened deep groove form, and lifted the floor, can be a small storage space underneath, where emergency rescue equipment can be placed. This design is not only beautiful, but also very practical.

Now let us see the sun-tent and the Radar parts. the sun-tent can be on the yacht bridge for sighting, yes this is a common parts, but the support must be stainless steel materials, it will looks more luxury and longer using life.

The rear of the yacht also there are many special design, can be some cases with tool kits, can be a small water pool for washing hands, can be with a box for fish, can be with a refrigerator for some soft drink and wines。

That is really a multi-design for this limited space.

The captain driving seat and the control console, all meters are insert, besides meters, there are some VHF, RADIO, GPS, AIS, RADAR, TRIUMPHET or can be non-personal autopilot design. And the captain side door is movable, could go outside to sea the see freely.

3, the yacht is 70-100ft

This is better luxury yacht, this kinds of size yacht usually made by aluminium alloy or steel materials, there is more than 2 layer of decks, with more than 3 bedrooms, the inner decoration can be as American top designer or as buyer himself own design. This yacht is powered by larger marine diesel engine, advanced Satellite navigation equipment and electronic automatic hull balancing system to ensure that the chartered vessel is not bumpy in wind and waves

4, the yacht is more than 100ft

This yacht is the supper luxury yacht, for example the Mega Yacht M/Y, this is the king of yachts. Such yachts manufacture time is about 2-3 years, the owner could design any parts of this yacht. You can go to the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, the southern coast of France, Hawaii, etc. to visit this type of yacht.

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