39ft aluminium boat

Ms Aluminium boat supply the 39ft aluminium boat, equals to 11.8m.

And the drawings can be:

If neglect the rear bar, the drawings also can be:

This design is more quick no matter you use it for private family outing or for a friends party, it is a good choice for pleasure and fishing. So somebody call it luxury boat, private outing boat, or fishing boat.

–Size: max suggest you 11.8*3.5m

  Because this size could save your more transportation sea freight

especially in 2021, the sea freight is really headache for buyer, even 3 times or more than before.

  And this size 11.8m could just by a 40’ft frame container, then the sea freight will be a little higher than 40’ft HQ but less than RO-RO boat for more than 12m design.

 Of course this boat can be make the length 11.5m, 11m, 10m, 9.5m, 6.8m, 5m etc. But if more smaller, there will be no space for bed, haha.

–The power is by 250hp*1 Mercury motor with steering system

  As you known, the engine is the boat heart, it decides the boat speed, performance etc.

  And also the brand Mercury it is global spare parts ready, no matter you for daily maintenance or for urgent exchange. You could find engineer everywhere, you could find the Mercury spare parts anywhere.

–Electrical parts

  Such as: trumpet, GPS, VHF, lights, magnetic compass etc, all adopted by china Top HT brand, that 100% make sure the stable working.

Aluminium alloy class 5083H116

It belongs to the Al-Mg series alloy and has a wide range of applications. It is the most promising alloy. Good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability, and medium strength. The main alloying element of 5083 is magnesium, which has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, weldability, and medium strength. It is used to manufacture aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, and sheet metal parts of transportation vehicles and ships, instruments, street lamp brackets etc.

Besides the inner decoration especially the wall panel and floor they are green type, zero formaldehyde, anti-fire and water-proof, they are plastic and stone power composite materials, pay more attention to the healthy is pay more attention to the future.

Besides the complete boat,

You will also can get the followings for free from MS Aluminium Boat:

–4 life jackets

–4 anti-collision ball

–2 life buoys

–1 awning 

Once again, why we suggest the buyers to choose the Aluminium alloy materials not the fiberglass, all is from the order quantity and economic and long using life aspect. Please kindly consider.

Once the yacht is confirmed, we will issue the formal drawings for customers check and to do adjust all as each customer requirements until

the clients satisfied, if 3 time could not get your idea, we will return buyer 0.01% for the total per day as we delay working process refund.

Here we share some actual beautiful view for you better understand this kind of aluminium boat:

If possible, we warmly welcome all customers do a video telephone meeting for further discussion and more details before you make decisions.

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