1. Durable life–anti rust or rot because of the materials is 5083 ocean aluminium plate, and could fend off -200 degree, Ms Aluminium boat heat many bad weather.

2. Light weight& anti-strike capability–MS Aluminium boat have Light body and stronger ability for anti-strike compare with other materials.

3. Freedom Customized–MS Aluminium boat no matter the inner decoration and the outside looking, all can be customized, and the aluminium alloy has this features.

4. More safetyMS Aluminium boat could not fire because of the aluminium alloy materials and its function, it usually for military and police petrol application.

5. Environment-friendly and Cycle usage–MS Aluminium boat materials aluminium alloy plate can be re-cycle usage and the boat whole unit will not decrease the price sharply.

6. More fuel/gasoline Saving–MS Aluminium boat design and boat light body could make fuel more saving sailing in the sea.

7. Production Process more technical–MS Aluminium boat totally by welding nearly no bolts on it for the aluminium boat less than 20m, it will reduce the leaking possibility.

8. Comfortable and pretty Decoration–MS Aluminium boat usually called sea house, the sea life can be some hours or few days, like a house design with bed and daily using washroom, sofa and tables and kitchen part etc.

9. Cooperation is flexible–MS Aluminium boat could sell you only the boat hull or with power as customers desire, normally we adopted imported engine, if expert buyer could himself to do the engine import they are same offer.

10. Suitable materials–MS Aluminium boat adopts the aluminium alloy plate thickness 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm for different application to make sure safety first.

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