5.0m 5.5m aluminum working yacht/cruise yacht

5.0/5.5*2.0m aluminum working boat/cruise boat specifications

  1. Effective pictures views

2, Main technical parameters

The total length is                                     5.0 m

The water line is                                      about 4.3 m

Ship width                                            2.0 m

Draft                                                 about 0.98 m

Designed Speed                                      about 15-20 knots

Capacity                                             about 900-1000kg 

Fuel capacity                                         about 60 litres

Hull net weight                                                360-380kg

Optional:                                                     Engine, GPS, VHF, compass 

                                                              Anchor, Saving jackets,

anti-collision ball etc.

3, General layout:

4.4, Detailed specifications

4-1 hull:

The main hull components will be welded by submerged arc automatic or semi-automatic welding, manual welding and gas shielded welding; butt welding can use tungsten inert gas shielded welding (TG); fillet welding can use molten inert gas shielded welding (MG).

The welding craft and the water sealing craft is very important for yacht. Ms Shipbuilding co., ltd. Usually use the 5083H116 aluminum alloy sheet and AMg5Mr aluminum alloy profile. Automatic submerged arc welding uses HQ 8A welding wire and 403 (431) flux, manual arc welding uses junction 422 welding rod, and argon arc welding uses R5556 aluminum-magnesium alloy welding wire or materials cut from aluminum alloy base materials. The circumferential seams of the main hull and the end joints of the deck, the butt joints, the stern shaft frame and its connecting members shall be welded with 42 low-hydrogen type welding rods. The welding materials used for the hull, such as welding rods, welding wires, shielding gas, etc., should comply with the relevant regulations of the China Classification Society’s “Rules for the Classification and Construction of Steel Inland Ships” (2002).

Hull is manufactured by Keel structure, and international anti fouling primer and topcoat for the bottom.

4-2  Deck

Aluminum alloy operational platform, agnes glass shed, one rear storage box, rear protection bar, Stainless steel front bar, stainless steel whirlwind, one navigation light. Two fixed aluminum alloy chairs load 3-4 persons of each, rubber fenders.

4-3  Steering system and GPS, RADAR and VHF (which is optional)

Optional device for console: Hydraulic directional control system, steering wheel, complete set of navigation instruments and displays, electronic gear and throttle control system, digital engine instrument display panel, bow thruster control system, digital sounding speed indicator, VHF radio Communication system Wave pressure board control system Windlass control system Horn control system Navigation light control system Compass automatic fire extinguishing control system Combination, including waterproof horn and whistle.

4-4 Diesel system (not refer to here project )

If take 40hp we suggest the Yamaha brand, 2 stroke, model is E40XWTL.

4-5 Safety supplies (optional)

The yacht should be equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system according to the owner’s ability to automatically shut down the engine and generator when the fire extinguishing system is activated. The manual fire extinguisher is placed in the rear deck storage cabinet. 4-6 adult life jackets, 2 buoys, 4 anti-collision ball, one 5kg anchor.

5 Main equipment list

3Thickness of bottom plate4MM
4Thickness of siding4mm
5Thickness stern plate4mm
6Hull material5083H116 aluminum alloy
7Shed protectorinclude
9hull and side colorcustomized
10storage boxinclude
11Captain chairIncluded–the common for the multi-function storage box cover
12Navigation lightIncluded–One piece
13chairsIncluded–The two fixed aluminum plate welded chairs
14Protection bar/armrest railingsinclude–Stainless steel materials
15Rear barIncluded–Stainless steel materials

6, The details show:

7, Special service:

To customize the yacht color, logo or name.

The color is just a painting for most of us, but for some others maybe not, maybe for you, it has special means. It can be your lucky color, maybe your important person likes color. That is not only a common color, but also a power a belief.

The logo: A logo means a yacht soul, it has advertisement effect, a memory effect, they need that, yes we understand each feelings, if you have this requirements, we would like to help you.

The name: It will be your important family member name or your brand/company name, or its just the new yacht name, to give its own name is a great thing.

8, The design soul:

9, actual pictures:

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