Can one person sail a ketch?

Yes in theory there is no problem and no limitation for one person sail a ketch.

Why we say like this, MS Aluminium boat help you to explain that in details.

Now the technology can support the total autopilot, including lift and decrease sail and adjust by computer control. The luxury designed one person big ketch maybe cost USD20000000-30000000, with sea map GPS and satellite communications system autopilot and the landing craft in the safety escape cabin. If you just want a common ketch sail by one person, there is normally no problems, if you could get the following preparation and skills:

  • To see and learn the main knowledge for the ketch, and know how the ketch sail, and the relation between wind, sail and boat.
  • After training the basic guidance and safe warming, we should also know, the sail is a tools for sport, there is the safe knowledge includes wearing the saving jackets and operate the safe equipments. Pay attention the difference for small and big boats, the small boat should control ketch balance and captain barycenter, please make sure quick on-board and move the barycenter to the inner center position, in case any capsize, and also check each cables are in normal condition.Safety Guidance
  • After on-board, should lift the sail, if it is a small ketch, you could lift the sail in sea port, and for big ketch, it needs face to the wind to lift the sail.
  • When you are sailing in the sea, please firstly to judge the wind direction, usually could figure it out from the wind indicator or the wind direction line. Normally it is forbid to sail when the wind is in 45 degree from right and left, and of course should judge the wind angle to adjust the sail angle.
  • The ketch will have some incline influenced by the wind, as a new captain no need to worry it will be capsized, just to deal the controller to make sure the balance. And the others joist ketch normally will not be capsized, and the incline is a very elicited thing for the lover, you could find an amazing experience from it.
  • As a new driver for the ketch, should cooperate with captain to control the front sail, once get the main skills, then to learn the relevant action from main sail and rudder, then to know each cables, name and its applications.
  • After a while, after could control main sale and the basic operation, should lean how to drive. We usually learned how to pull and push rudder, which is more susceptible than steering wheel. To do many practices for facing the wind, back the wind, horizontal wind and sharply direction return and basic drive to know arrived wind, front sail, main sail, boat sailing direction and steering system position.


Sportsman should control wind direction angle then could drive the ketch according the wind power, each wind angel degree is:

Face wind angel is 0-30 degree;

Front face wind angel is 30-60 degree;

Rear wind angel is 60-80 degree;

Horizon wind the angel is 80-100 degree;

Downwind the angel is 100-170 degree;

Tail wind angel is 170-180 degree;

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