Can I customize a yacht?

Yes of course You CAN!

Ms Aluminium Boat Shipyard always help customers to design satisfied boats, and customers usually customized they liked styles from Ms Aluminium Boat Shipyard. The customers asked for bass boat, bay cabin, cruiser boats, luxury boat, express boat, fly bridge boat, catamarans.

For us to design a yacht is a new special idea comes out, it needs the impulse and inspiration, sometimes to design a boat can be 3 days, sometime needs 7 days or 15 days. It is Hard but a amazing thing.

For the buyer to customize a yacht, that must be a special gift, a special memory, a special party or for an important person. We know they are more important for the buyers, so they want put more energy on it, to express their thoughts to customize a yacht.

Technically, To Customize a yacht can be from the following aspects:

♕Choosing a good design requires our six technical engineers

The first day, a video meeting is necessary, to tell and describe your own idea for the yacht, that can be by words by pictures or by your own drawings.

  • You could tell us what a beautiful yacht you ever seen, the yacht has its spirit, it looks like what kind of image or power, or just leave a draft to us.
  • Please you could share the yacht you want for what kind of important person, it should put what kind of feelings in it, he or she habits, likes style or colors please.
  • You please indicate the yacht application, for just family outing or for friends party or for a public formal usage, and the participants position and their likes.

Ms Aluminium Boat shipyard 6 designers all take part in this video meeting and writing your points and their aspiration, usually after one week we will issue you 7 drawings for your check and choice, remember it is 7 drawings for you not 6 because we have a standard drawings for your own revise and mark. You could choose one of them, you could mixed all of them, and you could add all your creativity.

Do you think it is more considerate and more professional for each buyer to customize his boats?

Do you think we all totally follow buyers each idea? NO, absolutely not, we will suggest according to our yacht building experience to help buyer to figure out which one is more suitable for them.

To customize the hull size.

The yacht length, width, depth/draft all data can be customize.

For example a landing craft, the buyer just want 6m, because of the trailer size limitation and the easy transportation tools. Yes they are important, but the yacht is more important than all of them,6m landing craft could do what, it even damage all the landing craft features and looks strange, right. Then the buyer decided to by 7m, haha, it is just one meter, yes, just because of this one meter could do many things.We really happy they are so kind listen to our suggestion, but the actual is 7.5m length is a super size, we again issued our idea, maybe the buyer be not happy, yes business is business, to makes happy could any time, and now we must more strict for the boat, and focus on its future performance. Finally the landing craft 7.5m*2.5m*1.2m is celebrate, then in the following time there were 18 same landing craft came from the same buyer.  

MS aluminium boat respect each customers idea, Ms aluminium just like a tech, consultant or like a teacher, listening and giving help.

Do you want such partner, yes you want, then come to us now! WELCOME.

To customize the yacht space pattern.

Your speed yacht, your luxury boat must want to use each space  more compact, more scientific, more reasonable, that is the basic respect to each yacht.

To have a yacht means have a higher requirements for life, and the yacht must be really higher requirements for the yacht owner.

The yacht should have bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, even party room, reading room and wine room etc. It should meet the yacht own each basic daily requirements. As we known even a 50ft yacht, the inner space is so limited, it can be three floors, how to design each floors with so many rooms, which should be in the first floor and which should be in the top fly-bridge, all is a question, should break and forget traditional idea. Too small is tight, too big is waste, that is a challenge but we could conquer it with strict design and 25 years full professional experiences. 

To choose the materials for the customize yacht.

The customize yacht materials we firstly according to the clients target price to do some adjustment, if no further requirements, we will do as our common and environmental-friend materials to build and decorate the yacht.

The yacht wall panel, we will choose SPC or WPC wall panels with thickness at least 8mm, SPC and WPC is a new energy materials, the most advantage is: zero formaldehyde, water-proof, fire-proof, thousands of color option, longer using life, easy to clean. The color can be wooden texture, wall panel texture, marbled or cloth or even 3D or 5D effect, actual looking as:

 The yacht floor also can be SPC materials, besides above advantages, also anti-sliding, could use for bathroom and yacht head floor.

The battery and silent type marine generator should be considered, we could according the daily power using to check the generator house power.

The marine lights (starboard light, stern light, searching light, signal light etc.) and inner space power supply plug for kitchen and bathroom device and your mobiles.

The hardware materials, we usually do by 316 stainless steel for the hinges, rod holder, sockpit drain, deck filter, row lock, crane hook, steering wheel.

The Onwa brand for RADA, GPS, AIS, VHF and magnetic compass with total English manual instruction.

The bilge pump and bathroom pump and kitchen water supply pump, all should keep the pump impeller materials is stainless steel or bronze.

To choose the favorable style for the customize yacht.

You must be deeply impressed by the inner view of the yacht, and our most clients said they never image the yacht inner decoration can be different style can be South America Style, Traditional Europ style, Mid East Style, Traditional China model or even modern model.  

Now please to find and to see which model is your likes:

To choose the function the customize yacht.

The function of your yacht can be with some special case or space with your personal things or keep your habit, such as fishing bar, or cherish gifts etc. You will have a safety cabin on the boat, and BBQ in the fly bridge, 10-12 person party living room, with a swimming pool with a slide into the sea, yes, you can image, we can produce.

Customize is really a happy matters full of mind storm.

To customize the yacht color, logo or name.

The color is just a painting for most of us, but for some buyers not, they have special means. They maybe their company logo color, maybe their lucky color, maybe their important person likes color. That is not a common color, that is a power a belief.

The logo: not each buyer has his/her own business or have its company, but they need a logo, a logo means a face to them, it has advertisement effect, a memory effect, they need that, yes we understand each feelings.

The name: It will be buyer important family member name or important pet name, or its just the new yacht name, to do a favor, to help it has its own name is a great thing.

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