How much for the 560 5.6m yacht?

Ms shipbuilding supply the 5.6m yacht model is MS-560, it can be devided into aluminum boat and fiberglass boat type.

If just take the yacht hull, now according to 11th Nov. 2021 USD rates, now the price can be USD8000-8800 about exclude the engine, and the power can be 40hp, 60hp as you like. Engine brand we suggest you yamaha or Mercury, they nearly have the similar price, more importantly, to maintain the engine, the spare parts are easy to find out in the market.

Here share you the MS shipbuilding for this kinds of boats manufacturing process.

And the finished looking will be:

Looks smart right? The flag can be your flag, your country flag, your company flag or just your own slogan flan, we could customize that for you. By a flag will make the boat with more soul. Do you agree with me? So why not contact us for your special flag design?!

Besides the flag, the whole yacht body color painting also can be customized, the hull bottom color can be black, blue, green, red, pink even purple, any color you name it we have it, beside the painting, we could also customized your own logo on it. Try to image, you drive your own logo yacht sail in the sea, how is your feeling, wow, flying feeling.  

The inner cabin, can be 6 persons seats at most. And the four of them can be changed into sofa, if folding sofa is more amazing. Or just leave there space for some fish boxes or other smaller cases.

If all keep the uniform chairs, they are very comfortable, because the chairs are usually for the police coast guard yacht, quality and stability is good. And the color of the chair can be red, blue and black.

If you have some special requirements, the optional parts as followings:

1, air conditioner.

2, the battery or smaller silent generator.

3, the GPS, RADAR, VHF etc.

4, the inner floor

5, window and door glass color.

6, the life jackets and buoy etc..

7, the anchor, ropes.

8, the anti-collision.

9, the CCS and CE certificates.

10, the tool kits etc. Such as additional bolts and screw, spanners etc.

11, outboard gas engine.

12, hydraulic steering system.

The fixed configuration as:

The whole complete hull including cabin, inner console(no gauge, no electrical devices), inner chairs, the safety guard rod, one light, water pump, common windows and door.

This kind of yacht navigation can be in the river, offshore. The painting of course is anti-rust and the aluminum alloy plate is ocean class 5083H116, this is more popular for customers both application, and this materials using life can be up to 30 years, even you do not like this yacht one day, you just sell it, you maybe can receive 1/3 of your original, then you are the winner if buy the aluminum alloy boats but if buy the fiberglass boats it will be totally opposite.

Ms shipbuilding usually delivery this kinds of cabin yacht within one month.

Payment term usually we suggest you TT that will save we both more energy and time.

Price will be better if your payment is better, haha!

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