How big of a boat can one person handle?

Nearly all boats one person can handle. As now tech. Standard, but :

usually for the first-class captain to drive the max 3000ton boat in the river.

If for ocean sailing, more than 1000ton boat should at least by more than 2 captains.

So for the yacht nearly all can be less than 1000ton, do not worry you are captain.

Ms Aluminium boats build all the yachts and ships as customers requirements and before design will issue suggestion for rive or sea sailing.

The 1000 ton yacht should with length up to about 50m,and width about 8-10m, and the loading about 600-700tonage. So the yacht less than 50m is suitable for one person handle, here handle we mean to drive. No matter the boat is single engine or twin engines or more engines, the captain in driving room to control the boat departure, sailing, docking etc.

Then a new question is coming, how to judge the boat is less than 1000 tonnage, firstly could figure it out from the length and width or from the loading capacity.

No matter what kind of ships, such as Bass boat, catamaran, luxury yacht, cruise boat, speedboat, only the length is less than 50m or 164ft is good for a person to handle.

Ms Aluminium boat mainly supply all boat less than 150ft, with displacement less than 1000tonage. So together with Ms shipyard you will have many choices, you could chose our system current popular type of boat, or just customize a boat according to your likes or applications.

To finish a boat delivery time usually within 2 month, if more complex boats maybe 2-3 months about, the delivery time is usually controlled from our design department, workshop department( aluminium alloy plate cutting and shaping, welding, painting, testing etc.) and launching and dispatching department, each process should be connected well and arranged at least one week ahead.

That is to say, when you choose a boat no matter it is as the mould or just special design, you will receive it within 3-4 months from order placing date to receiving date. Once this schedule is confirmed, then just to prepare your local rules needed documents is better.

When the boat arrived your sea port, just to do import declare job from your custom and submit necessary documents add some tax you will get the boat. Take the driving license to register in your side bureau, you will be an authorized sailing person for this boat, congratulations.

On weekend, families days, you are captain to handle the leisure boat, speedboat or the cruise yacht to find your enjoy time. Before sailing, make sure you had checked each system of the boats, especially for the electrical system and water system, and familiar each parts function of the boat, for emergency matters how to deal with, and make sure there is enough saving jackets and lifebuoy for adult and children. GPS, VHF, RADAR make sure they are in good working condition, most important is to check the sailing day weather is good or not, safety is first class important thing. Also remember to prepare a first aid kit in the boat.

Then wish you all good luck in the sea hunting time.

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