What is the best speed boat to buy?

What is the best, the most suitable is the best. Besides the world international famous brand, we do suggest you choose MS aluminium boat from the price, design and delivery time, quality and power system all are the china top class and more economic one. For luxury boat, the price is usually USD90000-160000 about, if for simple speed boat, the price will be more cheaper, even less than USD5000 or so according to different length and configuration etc.

What is the speed boat?

The speed boat features as small tonnage, high speed, flexible and the displacement usually 10 tons to many hundred tons, the speed is 30-40 knot, some of them could up to 50knot, the endurance ability is 500-3000 nautical mile. Some speed boats install 20-76mm dia naval gun, some a little big speed boats could include mines, depth charges etc. .The matching sensing system includes search, detection, weapon control, communication and navigation, electronic combat etc

So now please let us help you to choose the best speed you want to buy.

1. What is your purpose to buy a speed boat?

Firstly, the speed boat is a very special customized product. Speed boats can be divided into sport speed boat, assault boat, race boat, and motorboat etc.

We must clear which one is we needed, just for a sport usage, such as:

This kind of sport boat can be called a little luxury sport boat with super modern design, could load 8 persons for a family party or 8 friends party it is a good choice, if the person member less than 8 person, maybe 6 or maybe 4 then the sport boat can be a little short, that will be a best for you, because short will save some money and easy for trailer transportation.

To consider the best speed boat, should consider the following matters:

The materials choice:Aluminium boat panel must adopt by 5083 class, ocean working boat thickness 3mm is OK, for long time working, landing craft boat 3mm, 4mm, 6mm all is OK,It’s not that heavier is more and better boats, but it is really getting thicker and heavier and more expensive. the whole speed boat is decided by many aspect such as: design, power system, marine hardware (for example: anchor, chains, connectors, bollard, roller, bow chock, steel cleat, chain lock stopper, top cap, top slide, deck hing, deck swivel hinge mount, handrail stanchion, tee connector, casting hinge, square flush lift ring) , inner decoration(seat, floor, toilet, kitchen), electrical system, aluminium alloy plate, and the boat many function cases.

The speed boat designer:A good speed boat designer could help you save more space, and each inch could better usage, it looks more bigger even twice than itself. For example a 38ft luxury speed boat could design with two beds room, toilet, kitchen, BBQ fly-bridge, sofa, table, living room, bathroom, wine room, KTV room/part room, can you image that? Yes a better designer could make that more reasonable, why just 38ft, because this length is more economic to transport by a 40ft frame container, the width can be 3.8m, that is the 40ft frame container allowed max. Width, as a good designer should consider all of this factors.

The electrical parts of the speed boat:What are the electrical parts for the speed boat? Do you think you need a generator for your speed boat? Yes of course a best speed boat should with a generator for the speed boat electrical power supply for the daily life usage such as signal light, stern light, start-board light, some batch room warm water supply, kitchen electrical device, your mobile charger, your BBQ equipments, and your refrigerator, and the engine start, a better silent marine generator 3KW-15KW is most adopted by customers, remember it must be silent type to make sure the speed boat comfortable feeling.Besides the generator, other electrical parts such as GPS, RADAR, COMPASS, VHF, yes a  best speed boat will be installed all the system completely.

The class and certificate of the speed:MS Aluminium boat supply all the speed boats with CE certificates, and CCS as customers requirements, and do not worry, all the spare parts especially the life saving thinks with SOLAS certificates, that is very import and strict for international rules.

The power/propulsion system:Ms Aluminium boat focus on the speed boat with power system/propulsion system by outboard gasoline engine, outboard diesel engine, inboard diesel engine, water jet system.The best configuration we suggest by water jet system, best but expensive, recently Philippines customers, Malaysia customers, Danmark customer, Greece customers usually purchase bass speed boat and aluminium landing craft by water jet system, that is the best for sea environment, for example 6m or 7m landing craft we usually do 150hp water jet engine system, 1.8T. The water jet engine is designed by China Marine Class Bureau features as: stable operation, nice performance, better quality.

Before to make sure the sport boat should consider the engine, that must be better quality and easy to find spare parts to maintain, Ms Aluminium boat suggest you to take Mercury, Volvo-penta, Honda, Yamaha brand for engine and steering system.

For assault boat, the usage is for government police boat to perform maritime tasks use water transport, because of convenient transportation, simple installation, it becomes a civil leisure and recreational equipment. In order to meet different needs, assault boat model is different, the common types are: rubber assault boat, flood assault boat and so on.
There are many models of assault boats, the specifications and performance parameters are also different. When make choice, you can comprehensively consider the load weight, using environment, size and other actual conditions, and choose the appropriate model of assault boat.

For the race boat, the high speed is most important, so we should carefully consider the boat design and its engine, engine with enough power and the head of the boat design should be slender to reduce the water resistance. And the engine with enough horse power, engine brand is also important, we do suggest to choose Mercury, Yamaha and Honda brand, it will  make sure the better performance during whole racing.

For the motorboat, what is the best motorboat, we will help you to choose it from application, cost, loading person number, water environment, engine fuel consumption and trailer factors to make sure it.
For those beginners who are just ready to buy the motorboat, most people’s purpose is just to make fun, take family and friends to play with boats on weekends, enjoy the outdoor waterscape and sunshine, relax the mood, there will not be too much intense driving.If so, you can choose ones that are mild and easy to operate, larger size and more stable type.

In addition to the above gameplay, the motorboat can also be used to drag some water entertainment equipment, such as water slide boarding, inflatable boats, flying fish etc. When you need more drag and drag play, you need a motorboat that can drag and stay at a constant speed.

They were first used for rental in the major scenic spots.The motorboat should first meet the requirements of safety and economy, to choose the motorboat is relatively large in the stable water surface and low fuel consumption.Secondly to maximize profits, owners usually choose to purchase motorboats with lower costs and maintenance.

Here it is necessary to emphasize that to choose the rental scooters should with brakes. Because most tourists do not have driving experience, the brakes can ensure the safety of tourists and avoid motorboat scratches, when stopping and in an emergency. In addition, using learning keys can limit the speed of motorboats, which greatly increases the safety factor for novice drivers.
1. In the calm waters and vast calm waters are hailed as a paradise for novice motorboats, all models apply for the vast calm waters. Here you can float on the water to enjoy the scenery and ride freely.

2. In the wave waters, the experienced drivers are prefer to ride boats at the sea, it is challenging and more exciting. In the sea, usually just 2/3 speed of the calm water can give you the same pleasure. But due to bumps or deliberate jumps, the driving joints bear a greater burden, so the motorboat with shock absorption design is necessary. With understanding that this is an intelligent shock absorption system that can adjust the soft and hard on the handle.When you drive on calm water, you can also adjust the shock absorption to the hardest and feel the sharp steering.
The vertical pressure on the decoupling shall not exceed 70kg. Especially for vehicles with air suspension, excessive vertical pressure may cause air packs to burst. So, when towing a motorboat, be sure to check whether the decoupling matches the height of the trailer.The height of decoupling can be solved by adjusting the chassis lift or purchasing a decoupling kit that can adjust the height.In a word, choose a motorboat must not only choose expensive, must choose according to their own conditions.The motorboat for you can give you different excitement in this summer work with Aluminium boat shipyard!

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