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MS SHIPBUILDING has 25 years of shipbuilding experience. The minimum size of our speedboat is 3 meters and the maximum is more than 7 meters. Specific equipment and decoration can be customized according to customer preferences. Customers can drive MS SPEED BOAT on lakes, offshore, rivers, oceans, etc. Most materials are fiberglass, aluminum alloy, Or combined etc.

Several questions to consider before purchasing a speed boat

1.What is your purpose in buying a speed boat?

Speed boat is a very personal and special product. Some for work, some for sea fishing, and some for private parties. For different purposes, the requirements for the ship are also different. For example, someone who likes the speed of boats needs to choose a powerful engine. People who need work consider its reliability and durability. People who like sea fishing are best equipped with fish search radar, comfortable fishing areas. People who like to swim and bask in the sun need a spacious deck and so on.

2.How MS SPEED BOAT are classified?

Our speedboats are classified as working boats, patrol boats, personal yacht, luxury boat etc. You can choose the type of speedboat according to your needs.We will customize according to your needs.

  • Whats the advantages of MS SPEED BOAT?

Our speed boat captivates with its clear, elegant lines. Its whole look exudes sportiness, also has sufficient practicality. We work with great designers and engineers—both on the exterior and the interior. Our proven team adds the finishing touches to the design. This collaborative outcome is the essence of us.MS SPEED BOAT convince with clever optimization solutions, combined with extremely safe handling features 、personalized customization and super cost-effective , our speedboats are unique for a perfect day out at sea with family and friends.

Some details to pay attention to when choosing a speed boat

  1. What kind of look to choose?

It mainly depends on what you like. For example, one is more sporty, with a nice streamlined hull and a low center of gravity. More comfort and luxury, in addition to the cockpit, possibly a driving deck, also available in two- and three-tier designs. The other is smaller, more flexible,faster and lighter, Deep V-bottom design to reduce drag. Each has its own advantages

  • What size to choose?

Choose according to your purpose of use. The smaller the size, the more flexible and lightweight, the faster. You can experience more exciting marine activities. The bigger the size, the more things can be put in, the more comfortable. Carry more people and can be used for long distances. You can also choose luxurious decoration. But the price may also higher.

Finally, don’t forget to give your speed boat a nice name!

We’ve come to the end of our guide but, hopefully, the suggestions and tips here will help you in making a sound decision when it comes to choosing the right speed boat for you. MS SHIPBUILDING will customize the boat you need according to your preferences.

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