MS SHIPBUILDING—Make your dreaming passenger boat

MS SHIPBUILDING has 25 years of shipbuilding experience. Our passenger boats can accommodate a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 199+ people. Horsepower ranging from 40-600. Most of the materials are glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy and steel. The areas where passenger boats can sail are Lake, offshore, river, ocean etc. The passenger boats designed and built by MS SHIPBUILDING not only have a streamlined and beautiful appearance, but also can be customized according to the owner’s preferences, they are popular with consumers. The safety of our passenger boats complies with the regulations of domestic shipping administrations or the regulations of inspection agencies.

Whats the application scenarios of MS PASSENGER BOAT?

  1. Working boat

You can use it for commercial fishing and delivering supplies. Our passenger boats have a high carrying capacity.The stern flatness gives the boat stability, while the bow cuts through the waves smoothly. The flat stern design allows the boat to carry more weight, making it more stable.

2.Patrol boat

You can use it for search and rescue missions at naval bases, ports and terminals, offshore oil and gas sites, coastal or riverine areas, and interception missions against smugglers and pirates.We continuously develop specific specialist hulls and the integration of reliable and efficient engines and propulsion systems in our designs. So MS PASSENGER BOAT also focus on keeping the crew comfortable at high speeds.

3.Water taxi

You can use it for carry passengers. There are also complete marine equipment such as console, driver’s seat, sofa, passenger seat, stainless steel railings, navigation lights, switch panel, radio, fuel tank and so on.The interior decoration can also be uniquely designed according to your requirements.You can decide whether it is a utility boat or a luxury boat. MS PASSENGER BOAT wish you can give your passengers a ride full of great emotions and fun on the water. It is the key for sustaining and growing your business.

4.Sight-view boat

You can use it for scenic sightseeing. MS PASSENGER BOAT are both safe and comfortable when boarding, and we have the most humanized design.So don’t worry about children and the elderly. The flat hull improves the stability of the boat, can better withstand the beating of waves, and reduces the chance of seasickness for tourists. Relatively speaking, the safety is improved a lot. Our passenger boat was so stable that it didn’t tip over to one side even if people rushed to one side.We can install equal and comfortable touring grade benches if you need.

MS PASSENGER BOAT can also equipped with offshore and global radio communication equipment to ensure smooth communication. The radar can ensure the safe navigation of ships in adverse weather conditions. GPS locator and automatic navigation system can make the route of navigation not bad. Allows you to work and travel worry-free.

All passenger ships we produce, vary according to the needs of the customer. The customer can specify the number of passengers, propulsion and engine, equipment level.

We’ve come to the end of our guide but, hopefully, the suggestions and tips here will help you in making a sound decision when it comes to choosing the right passenger boat for you. MS SHIPBUILDING will customize the boat you need according to your preferences.

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