What is a little small fishing boat called?

A little small is not a problem, MS ship building co., ltd. has a smallest fishing boat, that is the length can be 2m, it is the folding PPR materials boats, compare with others, this kind of fishing boats features as:

1, this is portable folding fishing boats, the folded size can be 140*180*50cm, this smaller size could insert your car rear storage, and the smaller weight less than 100kg.

2, it will save you more from renting place. of course you no need to rent a sea port position for it, no matter where you put it, even in your living room it will not take you so much space.

3, easy to install, the materials is PPR, we send you the installation video you could make it within 20 minutes by assembled with some bolts and gaskets.

4, you could enjoy the sea anytime, no matter for common outing for for weekend parties, the four knots could load 10 friends, take your fishing tools enjoy the sun enjoy the sea. Sure, you worthy this better.

5, find your captain dream. Yes to be your own captain to conque the sea. It is more stable, very easy to operate, we trust even the first time driving will make it well working.

6, Competitive price, we know even a common bass hull will cost you more than USD10000, and this Jon boat with smart design mini. cost just USD580/pc EXW as now current rates date on 1st Nov. 2021;

7, We could help you customize your name and your logo on it even you just order one pieces, try to image, when you take your own name Jon not in the sea, what a beautiful view.

Every one can be your own captain to have this boats in your car. If say the best time to have a boat is 10 years ago, and you missed 10 years ago and now it is also a best time to have this boat.

Besides this PPR, MS shipbuilding co., ltd. Also have the fiberglass fishing boats and aluminum fishing boats. The mini. size can be 3.5-5m.

Here there is necessary to discuss something about both difference.

fiberglass boats is sometimes looks smarter than aluminium boats, but fiberglass boats is not flexible for the design and shapes.

Fiberglass just need some system mould, if system has the mould, to manufacture the same fishing boats is no problem, but if the mould is not available, the imaged shapes maybe not available.

For the aluminum fishing boat the shapes can be welding as what kind of you like, no strict size and shapes limitation, no matter for the seller or the buyer that is very reasonable design, which is more flexible for size, design, shapes and inner configurations.

Different customers has different requirements, no matter you choose which ones, it must based on your original experience or your target dream, we accept each original design, to help you more in this filed, that will bring we both more lighten in future.

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