How big is a speedboat?

There is 2 person speedboat, 3 person speed boat, and of course there is 20-50 person speed boat, they belong to the large yacht.

The sport speedboat is small open type deck yacht, normally without cabin or only has a mini, cabin. The sport speedboat has the features as sliding boat body, sport type surface looking and high speed, this kind of speedboat size is about 16-33 inch, and this speedboat engine common type is inboard engine, outboard engine and water jet engine.

Here share you some speedboat popular type for you better understand.

In the world the most popular speedboats are made in America, recent these ten years, more and more customers buy speedboats from Ms Aluminium boat Shipyard. The speedboat made in Ms aluminium shipyard the price is less than USD50000, compare with the speedboats made in America could save you half.

For example the 6.9m speedboat could load 10 person, which is half shed boat with size 6.9*210*180cm, the materials can be fiberglass or aluminium alloy. For economic consideration, we do suggest if the boats less than 15m, by fiberglass materials is more cheaper than by aluminium alloy, but if the boat more than 50m, we do suggest by steel is more better.

One more questions, for some Europe countries, they only have ocean no inner river, then the boats at least should have CCS class then to exchange the Europe countries local marine class. But for the speedboat less than 15m, some customers not only want CCS certificates but also for the fiberglass boat, that is a questions, is that possible, yes that is possible only the order more than 5pcs, otherwise by aluminium boat is better for order 1pc of speedboat with CCS certificate although the price is a little expensive. But if you want only one piece of speedboat with CCS certificate and by fiberglass materials, the price is nearly equal to the aluminium boat or even more than the aluminium boat. Why? Because fibreglass boat firstly need open the mould then could do manufacture, not only longer producing time but also complex progress. As a buyer please you keep that in mind, as a seller please we do sure issue idea suggestions for each buyer.

Since 2020 year COVID-19 the global raw materials cost increase day by day especially for the steel, bronze, aluminium and PVC etc, nearly each field products raw materials price increased about 35-300%, that is really expensive for each field business, that is really a big influence. So what i mean is no matter now you choose the fiberglass speedboat or the aluminium speedboat, the price is much higher than before, besides the cost also the international sea freight somewhere even 3 times, 2020 and 2021 year is really a hard time.

So what? We just insist on it, do more harder effort and keep moving, keep going forward, nothing could block us, trust yourself one time, trust us all the time. No matter how big of the speedboat, just make your choice which one you need, then put your energy on it, you will get more from it.

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