How long should you finance a bass boat?

Normally 1 year, 2 years, 3 years all is OK just as what you like. It is Not important, just according to different government or agent rules, maybe you could by zero investment to get a bass boat, and plan spend 3 years to finance it, or first year you could choose just to rentContinue reading “How long should you finance a bass boat?”

What is a good beginner bass boat?

A good beginner should do the following things before sailing in the sea: 1. Familiar the local rules of the yacht bureaus, then take all the materials and certificates to register on local marine government, each country or area has many marine government instruct to do the register, different country or city has different rules,Continue reading “What is a good beginner bass boat?”

Why are bass boats so expensive?

Why are bass boats so expensive? Yes compare with fiberglass boat, aluminium boat is really expensive, because of the advantages: easy to shape and better inner decoration, lower temperature performance, environment-friend, re-cycle usage etc. MS Aluminium boat shipyard tell you why the bass boat is so expensive: 1. The electrical parts Maybe you chose internationalContinue reading “Why are bass boats so expensive?”

Bass boat Introduction

Normally a smaller bass boat common type 3.8m is USD25000 FOB Shanghai about, the price will be changed by many factors. Bass is one kind of fishing sport, it came to China since 2007, which features is more environmental-friend. So MS Aluminium boat have 12 years experience to export bass boat to Europ and asia market.Continue reading “Bass boat Introduction”