Is a bass boat worth it?

This is a good question the bass boat worth it, let MS Aluminium boat answer you back:

As a shipyard Ms Aluminium boat manufacture is engaged in to build the ships from the love of bottom heart, it is not only a business to support life to support all the workers life, but also it is a mission to do a better yacht: bass boat, speed boat, jon boat, flat bottom boat, sportsman boat, catamaran, bay fishing boat, bowrider, cabin cruiser.

To do long business and long customers is not just one slogan, to say is one thing, to do is important thing, yes we do, we say, we do and do it better. Until now we finished 398 boats for oversea customers, they are from Europ. Asia and mid east. They choose us not only because the competitive price but also the stable quality, they usually introduce their friends and relatives come to us to buy and to use, we really appreciated these kind manners, and of course we MS Aluminium boat worth it.

We all full of confidence could do it better in the following time to service more and more customers, and to meet their all kinds of requirements, such as now some customers like fiberglass boat, they think the fiberglass boat is more cheaper than aluminium boat, yes, from a short view, it is Yes.  

So now please let me introduce you some difference between both the fiberglass boat and the aluminium boat:

1.  Aluminium is more easy to operate the shapes and inner decoration.

     This features just from the aluminium boat plate advantages, you could shape it as you wanted, the angles, the corners, the surface dealing by anti-sliding type, it is hard but less than stainless steel, it is soft but less than bronze, the aluminium boat is not only used for yacht, but also used for windows, doors and some hardness car parts and plane parts, some very important parts usually made from aluminium alloy, these 15 years, more and more people like this kind of materials.

2. Aluminium is more environmental friendly.

      Firstly the aluminium is one kind of metal, it is not plastic, it can be re-mould to any kinds of application and shapes by firing it into metal water then shape it by cooling, not matter during to produce it or to re-cycle it, nearly no break the environment.

      Now we all in the global village, to protect our earth is our mission, it should start from our daily life of clothing, eating, housing, walking, to choose an environmental friend materials to protect our families and protect this green earth, we have this responsibility.

3. Aluminium is more cost protect, even when you sell it, you could keep the cost profit.

      After 15 years or 20 years later, you want to change another boat, or you just dislike this boat, then you could sell it by a good price even just the metal plate you will get back some profit from it. But if for the fiberglass boat, you will get nothing and must pay more for the government, because of the rubbish fiberglass boat needs a place to put, and no body want a secondhand fiberglass boat, so once it is over-life, you will loose it totally.

4. Aluminium delivery time is more shorter

 Normally an aluminium boat less than 20m could be finished within 2 months or just 45 days, the whole process is just to shape and weld, for the fiberglass boat it at least needs 3 months, because fiberglass boat the producing procedure is so complex from the mould to one layer, one layer and one layer to painting and need time to wait it dry, it needs special temperature and sunshine time.

5. Aluminium boat is easy to maintain

              We suggest you at least every year to maintain your boat for some important parts and the boat hull, especially the hull, aluminium is easy to shape and return the before ship, but fiberglass boat need first to polish, then by 6-8 layer fiberglass cloth to stick on it with glue, and again 2 layer fiberglass, then dray it 12-24h.

6. Aluminium boat is longer using life than fiberglass boat.

            Just from the driving license the aluminium boat is change every 5 years and fiberglass boat driving license should change every 3 years, what will be that? How can it be that, you could image my friend! Stay with us, you will get more knowledge about the aluminium boat, cheers, you are winner now!

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