MS SPEED BOAT—Let you have an extraordinary experience at sea

MS SHIPBUILDING has 25 years of shipbuilding experience. The minimum size of our speedboat is 3 meters and the maximum is more than 7 meters. Specific equipment and decoration can be customized according to customer preferences. Customers can drive MS SPEED BOAT on lakes, offshore, rivers, oceans, etc. Most materials are fiberglass, aluminum alloy, OrContinue reading “MS SPEED BOAT—Let you have an extraordinary experience at sea”

39ft aluminium boat

Ms Aluminium boat supply the 39ft aluminium boat, equals to 11.8m. And the drawings can be: If neglect the rear bar, the drawings also can be: This design is more quick no matter you use it for private family outing or for a friends party, it is a good choice for pleasure and fishing. So somebody call it luxury boat,Continue reading “39ft aluminium boat”

How big is a speedboat?

There is 2 person speedboat, 3 person speed boat, and of course there is 20-50 person speed boat, they belong to the large yacht. The sport speedboat is small open type deck yacht, normally without cabin or only has a mini, cabin. The sport speedboat has the features as sliding boat body, sport type surfaceContinue reading “How big is a speedboat?”

What is the best speed boat to buy?

What is the best, the most suitable is the best. Besides the world international famous brand, we do suggest you choose MS aluminium boat from the price, design and delivery time, quality and power system all are the china top class and more economic one. For luxury boat, the price is usually USD90000-160000 about, ifContinue reading “What is the best speed boat to buy?”