What is a good beginner bass boat?

A good beginner should do the following things before sailing in the sea:

1. Familiar the local rules of the yacht bureaus, then take all the materials and certificates to register on local marine government, each country or area has many marine government instruct to do the register, different country or city has different rules, before do that, please firstly call them to confirm all things before action.
2. Usually there are 3 kinds of certificates for the aluminium boat or speed boat, they are the bay boat, inner river boat and yacht, these three kinds of yachts applied for different river requirements, and the rules of local government will be totally different, and the issued yacht card will be different. If it is a private yacht, we Ms Aluminium shipyard suggest you to take the yacht card.
Normally the yacht is usually used for non-business sightseeing, leisure and entertainment activities, and the passenger no more than 12 persons. So it means just like the private car, not allow to do business activities, such as loading passengers and earn money. If want it to be a business yacht such as tax or bus, it should firstly to apply the inner river yacht card and go to sea port bureau to approve the vessel lines.
3. Currently the bass boat pleasure fishing boat needs to attend to “3 certificates”then could launch, the 3 certificates means “yacht approved sailing certificate”, “certificate of ownership”and “class certificate”, if the bass boat sailing to another country, it also needs visa.(maybe some Europ countries no limitation, very good.)

The luxury boat bought from MS aluminium shipyard, the 3 certificates can be issued by your local agent. Take these 3 certificates please focus on the valid, usually the steel boat and aluminium boat to exchange certificate every 5 years, and the fiberglass boat to exchange certificate every 3 years. Normally the certificates should be exchange within 3 month before over-valid. But the bass boat less than 3m no need these certificates, if now you have, haha congratulations to you all!   

Yacht driving license

Now confirmed you have the above mentioned 3 certificate, now where is the captain license, yes, you need the yacht driving license, it divided into A class and B class.

A/B class driving license:

A class is for ocean driving, and B class is for inner river, according to the boat length, and boat power it could be divided into 8 class maximum, each driving license has details series, the yacht driving license valid is normally 5 years in China, how about you?

Age requirements for driving license

The yacht driving license is similar as car license, the age requirements is 18-65 years old, better body condition. After sign up the test can be theory training, simulation training and actual operation, the training content consists of relying on, leaving the dock, anchor mooring operation, navigation (acceleration, change direction, high-speed directional navigation), snake navigation around the standard (5 standards), rescue of drowning personnel, basic first aid, use of life saving and fire fighting equipment, common rope knot method, etc. Usually it can be taken in about 2 weeks, and the training fee is about USD2000–USD20000.

Ms Aluminium boat suggestion:

Each ocean yacht or car needs to apply certificate, if without the certificate, maybe you will loose more, because some fishing bureau will also manage that.

But if for common sailing for Sunday outing, to rent maybe a better choice, haha, although we are a aluminium boat seller. Because to cost some money for a new beginner is more safe than to challenge un-know water area.

But if your house near the sea, you could consider to sail follow the bigger fishing boat, it will reduce you some cost, maybe will save your certificates, haha, good luck!

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