Can one person sail a catamaran?

Yes you yourself can sail a catamaran.

Now please Ms Aluminium boat introduce you some information about the catamaran.

What is the Catamaran?

It means two separated boat hulls, they upper connected together by a strengthened frame then to combine an integrated boat.

There is one engine and one propulsion or bow thruster in each of the two boat bodies.

The construction frame is called connecting bridge, many cabins on it.

The catamaran features: 

Stable performance

Safety and comfortable

Easy operate

Widely used for small and mid passenger boats and ferry boat.

The catamaran disadvantages:

Complex structure

Short swing time

Weak Mid structure

Not good at long ocean navigation.

Recently since the high speed development of sea travelling for passengers, the catamaran becomes the more quick development, wider application, more quantity because of the catamaran with wider deck size, space and can be easily decorated into luxury yacht.

As just now mentioned there are many cabins, buildings, power station, daily equipments on the catamaran deck, so one catamaran is more better than two separate yacht.

Because it is combined by two slim separated boats together, this structure makes the catamaran more quick, the speed can be 35-40 knots, and the stability is better than signal hull boat. Also because of the large size, so it has a strong ability to bear more heavy storm, and large loading capacity, so more and more buyer will use them for military usage.

Now let us to see the driving room, there are captain chair, a steel wheel, control lever, and the control panel there are many meters, they are speed meter, press meter, fuel leaking meter and angel indicator, button, GPS, RADA, VHF etc. The captain will be very easy to control the boat direction.

Do not worry one person could drive the catamaran even it is a large luxury catamaran because it has better balance.

Obviously, catamarans have a lot of advantages and if the budget is not a problem and it will be a perfect choice to buy a boat or rent a boat and enjoy a comfortable sea vacation trip with family and friends. Instead, if you want to use for training or racing, or if you want to sell your house, drive a ship after a divorce, then I recommend choosing a strong, reliable single sailboat, even in bad weather, unfortunately overturned by huge waves, at least the ship can flip over without affecting the voyage.

There is also a problem, the catamaran capsizes in extreme weather and is not easily flipped back. Fortunately, this does not happen very often, and one reason is that most catamarans sail in good weather conditions without sailing with storms or cyclones. Since the catamaran is difficult to flip back after dumping and this happens basically bow down, each hull has emergency exits along with some life-saving belts to allow the crew to persist until rescuers arrive.

As long as choose a safe route, as far as possible, avoid the storm, a person driving the catamaran is no problem.

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