Can one person sail a catamaran?

Yes you yourself can sail a catamaran. Now please Ms Aluminium boat introduce you some information about the catamaran. What is the Catamaran? It means two separated boat hulls, they upper connected together by a strengthened frame then to combine an integrated boat. There is one engine and one propulsion or bow thruster in eachContinue reading “Can one person sail a catamaran?”

What is the price of a catamaran?

There are many kinds of catamaran, different materials, different designs and different length, the price will be totally different. For personal families 3-5 members application, the catamaran price can be USD380000 about for common style. If for a luxury type with supper engine and also with sail on it, then the average price will beContinue reading “What is the price of a catamaran?”

Do catamarans flip easily?

Do catamarans flip easily? Catamarans are not easy to flip. Why we say like this, because the catamarans have the following features: ❊Catamarans advantages: Better stability. In order to pursue high speed performance, modern military boats are normally slender shape, and the length and the width ratio is 7:1 even 9:1. for example the lengthContinue reading “Do catamarans flip easily?”