Bass boat Introduction

Normally a smaller bass boat common type 3.8m is USD25000 FOB Shanghai about, the price will be changed by many factors.

Bass is one kind of fishing sport, it came to China since 2007, which features is more environmental-friend. So MS Aluminium boat have 12 years experience to export bass boat to Europ and asia market.

Lure fishing the name and pronounce from”Lure”, that is fake bait fishing, that is to imitate the smaller animals and make the big fish to attack it.

The Baits there is about thousands of kinds, bass boat buyers usually take some baits together to ship, that could use at least 2 years.

The bass boat recently more and more Europ and Asia customers like aluminium alloy materials because of easy to shape and re-circle applications. The captain seat is more stable on deck, the passengers seats can be 2 or 4 or 6 numbers, all seats fixed on deck by strengthen bolts, more safety,stable and comfortable.

does the full body exercise, totally different from the traditional fishing type. That is why the Lure boat or called bass boat is more and more popular in Europ.

The Aluminum bass boats some people called it as a Bass buggy, small fishing boat or pleasure fishing boat, it is usually by feet to control boat speed and direction, two hands use for throwing a fishing rod or catch a fish, it can be aluminium boat, fiberglass boat or can be kayak. It just requires a separated feet controller to control the boat advance direction and speed and convenient for fisherman to release his two hands.

The Best aluminum bass boat has the following features:

1, With boat configuration, separate power control system;
2, With large space, could stand and move on it;
3, With feet controller, to control the boat advance direction and speed.

The smaller bass boat details pictures as:

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