7.6M fishing boat is better than others?

7.6M Leisure fishing Boats technical specification for model MS-760

MS Shipbuilding CO., LTD. Usually do fishing boats from 3-30m, and here just list this best selling type 7.6m fishing boats, it is same model as 11.3m, 9.8m and 7.6m, the price actually nearly same just some aluminum plate materials more or less, and the labor cost nearly same because of the welding processing all same, and time spending also same.

Your each inquiry, we will send you the offer for the following configurations:

Of course some datas could adjust as your each requirements. Please be freely tell me your any special requirements, we have the responsibility to help you more, help+help=succeed.

Main equipment list:

3Thickness of bottom plate6MM
4Thickness of siding5MM
5Thickness of stern plate5MM
6Hull material5083 aluminum alloy
7Shed coverinclude
8BridgeNot included in the quotation(excluding instruments, electronic 
equipment, etc.)
9hull and side colorcustomized
10Stern maintenance diving platforminclude
11Drain of boatinclude
12Hidden independent fuel tankinclude
13storage boxinclude
14Battery storage caseinclude
15Fishing rodwarehouseinclude


Serial numberProjectquantityCompanybrandPlace of origin 
4sea filter2    
5Hydraulic steering wheel control system1    
6Rudder system (stainless steel 316, customized)2    
8Cable winder2    
9Fire extinguisher system1    
11Oil pump1    
12Fishing tools     


Serial numberprojectquantityCompanybrandPlace of origin 
1Wooden flooring1set   
2Mattress, sofa1set   
3Driving chair4pc   
4Sound insulation cotton1set   
5Ship bottom paint1setChina top brand  
6Interior hinge1set   
7External hinge1set  

Electrical appliances

Serial numberprojectQuantityCompanybrandPlace of origin 
1Radar and navigation system1set   
2Satellite antenna system1set   
3VHF walkie talkie2set   
5Hi-fi equipment1set   
6Navigation lights1set   
8Circuit accessories1set   
9Power switch, socket1set   
10Power control system of the whole ship1set   
11Electrical control system1set   
13Electric toilet2set   
14Bilge pump system4set   
15Fresh water pump1set   
16Crushing pump1set  


Serial numberprojectquantityCompanybrandPlace of origin 
1Railings and handrails (stainless steel 316, customized)1set   
7Tank (custom)2individual   
8Oil level sensor1set   
9Water tank (customized)2individual   
10Water level sensor1set   
11Septic tank hardware (custom made)1individual   
12Sheep horn8individual   
13Other outfitting parts1set  

Some parts brand, we firstly choose china top brand, if you want international famous brand, of course no problem, and if your have the inner source to have a better price for the international famous brand parts, welcome you could purchase that locally, or send us, we help you install, all no problem, that means to cooperate with MS shipyard, your each special action/requirements will be highly supported.

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