Do catamarans flip easily?

Do catamarans flip easily?

Catamarans are not easy to flip.

Why we say like this, because the catamarans have the following features:

Catamarans advantages:

  • Better stability. In order to pursue high speed performance, modern military boats are normally slender shape, and the length and the width ratio is 7:1 even 9:1. for example the length is 70m, the width is 8-10m. And the boat title recover torque is decided by the water line surface inertial torque. Simply speaking, slender hull has small recover torque when rolling, it will shake left and right easily. But for the catamaran, it has two hulls right and left, so the rolling recover torque is many times than the same displacement boat. For example: one carrying pole and one wooden plate, the carrying pole could non-stop swing and the wooden plate is very stable. The stability is of course very important for warship. If the rolling sharply, it will case the ship gun hit not accurate. Besides the ship guns, RADAR, SONAR and many other equipments working conditions need a stable hull.
  • Catamaran deck is more wide, easy for equipments arrangement. Warship has many parts, such as the radar cables etc. Position is very important. Especially nowadays helicopters are more popular , they need a large place on deck for this helicopter. Catamaran has obvious advantages, deck size is more large than other same displacement single hull, that is more convenient to arrange the deck equipments.
  • Incognito good performance. The main engine smoke exhaust hole is a very obvious source of infrared radiation. To install the incognito device is really expensive, the incognito should install in the chimney. The catamaran could put the chimney under the connecting bridge, and use the two hull to obstruct infrared radiation.
  • Catamaran has one of branch –swath is one kind of better high speed boat, many of them for military application.

Of course one product has its advantages must have its dis-advantages, Catamarans are no exception.

Catamarans dis-advantages:

  • Catamaran hull is very heavy, displacement is limited. In the sea even there is no wind, there must be tidal wave, the single hull inflation power is different for right and left side , so the catamaran two hulls inflation must also different , there is the stress and torque in the connection bridge. The torque=power X distance. The catamaran is more larger than signal hull boat, the stress and torque must be bigger than single hull boat. In order to make sure the hull not change the shape or dismount in the same sea situation, the catamaran must design stronger structure with heavier weight, so the loading will be very limited. For now the tech. Standard, the max catamaran is 5000ton.
  • Higher cost for the catamaran. Because the higher requirements for the structure and strength, the materials and standard must be better than common warship, the cost normally between USD50000000-100000000. but for the private catamaran it is usually very cheaper the price can be USD1000000-USD9000000, different standard and different tonnage and the different design, different equipment requirements, the catamaran price will be different.

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