MS Shipyard 2021 global new position is mainly for Aluminium boat design, build and whole sell.

MS Shipyard history track to 2002 year Autumn day, that is a fruitful season, pre-MS shipyard come out, that is GX shipyard. From 2002year to 2009year was we shipyard booming period, we usually built the vessels for Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Greece, Norway, Italy, Romania, Russia and many Africa countries for oil tanker, cargo ships, bulk ship, fishing boats, ice-breaker, ferry boat, tug boat etc. We continue that lucky till 2009 year, since 2010 year all China shipbuilding field drop down sharply.

A pity was coming, what should we do, where will be our future, we thought nearly 3 months, during this time, we have 200 workers with us, we want to keep them with us together, 200 workers means 200 families units.

One day there was a girl came to our shipyard, saying she wanted to find Guoshu(he has worked with us more than 8 years, with his 2 daughters and 1 son and his wife), because she just graduated wanted to say thanks to Guoshu because Guoshu supported her education charges every month from nearly 1/3 of his salary. Wow that kind of worker, he could do so much for a stranger for education. He was so poor because his whole families all live in our shipyard and he had 3 kids. All because there was LOVE in his mind and heart, he wanted more people be better and neglect himself.

That great matters made us wake up, we must to do something more for our employees and our customers, so in 2010 we set up SINOOUTPUT GROUP LTD. Mainly service our customers for one stop ship parts, includes propulsion systems, deck equipments, electrical parts, cooling system, fuel system, and inner decoration system etc. Serviced more than 3980 shipyards for ship parts and complete boats.

We value message is to help more than 100000 shipyards to build ships more smooth and more economic. That could make our employee better, could make our employee families better than before. When we excellent, we want to help more people be excellent. To find more chance to help them. We know the road is long, and now we are on the road, stable and effective move, to conquer to keep balanced succeed. Until now we have 260 workers in shipyard to do build, parts collector, design and after sell service 366 days, 24hour at service.

In 2021 We Sinooutput Group Ltd. Divided into:

MS shipyard,

GX shipyard,

Changchun Weichai parts workshop,

Shanghai Simu Industry Co., LTD,

Shanghai ZJ Construction Tech. Development Co., LTD,

Jiangsu Taxing Zhuoxinyanghang marine spare parts store

 to service customers 360 degree.

Now let us focus on the MS shipyard, why we call it MS, MS=Miss/Meet Sea, and also MS is for a Lady, Alice is the lady for global selling director. Aha, the MS shipyard owner is a lady not man, which is against your mind, maybe yes maybe not, it is a global, we need some balance.

Be positive, be active always we could do same things for the world.

Here is the Miss Sea Logo:

With Ms Aluminium Boat to see, to find and to conquer the sea, to feel, to think and to love the nature. Then to find your own self more confident more stronger and more powerful. That is our logo value message.

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