Four-stroke 25 hp long shaft outboard motor

The picture only provides the basic ship type, you can customize it according to your needs. Please contact customer service for details

Stern board height:567mm
Fuel grade:93#
Maximum power:16.1kw
Full throttle range:5000-6000rpm
Piston stroke:4
Number of cylinders:2
Gear ratio:2.08
Starting method:Pull start
Ignition system:CDL
cooling method:Air-cooled
Shifting method:Wireless speed change
Fuel tank volume:24L
Spark plug model:F6RTC
Total Weight:50KG
Propeller specifications:3-91/4″*11″-G  3-91/4″*8″-G  
Gear box volume:0.25L
Recommended gear oil:Hypoid gear oil SAE#90