Four-stroke 7.0HP air-cooled outboard engine

The picture only provides the basic ship type, you can customize it according to your needs. Please contact customer service for details

Stern board height:505mm
Fuel grade:92#
Maximum power:5.1kw
Full throttle range:4500-5500rpm
Piston stroke:4
Number of cylinders:1
Cylinder displacement:196ml
Bore and stroke:70*51mm
Gear ratio:1:1.5(16/24)
Starting method:Pull start
Ignition system:tcl
cooling method:Air-cooled
Shifting method:F-N-R
Fuel tank volume:1.2L (built-in fuel tank)
Spark plug model:F6RTC
Total Weight:26.7KG
Overall dimensions:1200*520*520
Package size:1250*600*600
Propeller specifications:3-7 1/4*5
Gear box volume:0.1L
Recommended gear oil:Hypoid gear oil SAE#90
Minimum fuel consumption rate:420g/kw.h