Inflatable rubber boat rowing boat

Quality assurance 2.7x1.51m inflatable rubber boat kayak rowing boat thick and durable PVC

Standard:Aluminum alloy/brushed bottom plate, seat plate, wooden stern plate, boat bag, a pair of oars, a pedal pump, a maintenance cylinder


1.Hull material: double-sided coating of thickened PVC motorboat cloth, average tensile strength ≥ 70MPa, average fracture strain rate ≥ 30, no bonding, no deformation, no fading, no delamination.

2.Bonding structure: The buoy adopts thermal fusion double-sided hot pressing technology, which has strong air tightness; the adhesive for accessories adopts polyurethane glue, which is suitable for flood fighting, emergency rescue, maritime survey and other operations.
3.Stern board: The stern board is made of high-density birch, and the surface is coated with three layers of putty and three layers of anti-corrosion paint. In addition, the surface of this multi-layer plywood is sprayed with P.U paint, which has a special protective effect on seawater, sunlight and fuel.
4.Hull spacer: The isolation film inside the hull can not only protect each air chamber, but also flexibly adjust the pressure balance of each vertebral body part.


Suitable for flood fighting, emergency rescue, firefighting, maritime exploration, fishing, scenic tourism, etc.

PVC thickness0.9mmWeight:46kg
People :3Max loading:480kg
Balloon diameter:420Horse power:10hp