Inflatable rib boat

MS Shipbuilding 3m rib inflatable boat life boat for sale

Material optional pvc and hypalon. Thickness, size, logo can be customized.


1.High strength: The material of the inflatable boat is made of high-strength PVC mesh cloth, or high-quality hypalon rubber cloth. Due to the cloth base in the middle of the material, the strength is higher after inflation.


2. Anti-aging: The material is produced with PVC raw material, adding anti-aging agent, the ability to resist ultraviolet rays and weathering can reach 5 years.


3. Anti-wind and wave: This series of boats adopts the design of glass fiber reinforced plastic bottom shell + inflatable buoy. The bottom of the boat is V-shaped keel, which helps the boat to resist wind and waves to increase the speed while traveling. Excellent energy saving effect.


4. Easy to repair: In use, if the hull is accidentally scratched, the glue and patch provided with the ship can be used for quick repair, and the operation is easy.


5. Optional power: the ship can be equipped with an outboard motor, which is hung at the stern, and the installation and disassembly are extremely convenient.

6. High safety factor: Due to the design of multiple air chambers, even if there is only one air chamber left, the boat will still float on the water!

Model:MS-RIB300MaterialFiberglass PVC Hypalon
Max load:600kgWeight:75kg
Matching engine power :10hpMain airbag diameter:42cm