6.8m luxury fiberglass inflatable rib boat 

Standard configuration: helm station, seat, front and rear cabins, seat cushion, tail wing, built-in stainless steel fuel tank, oil level gauge, automatic bilge pump, four-wire switch, jumping platform, tow bar, one pair of aluminum alloy paddles, one pedal pump, a repair tube.


Optional accessories: anchor, boat cover, awning, front steering outboard, trailer, steering system, stainless steel C-shaped ladder, stainless steel ladder, electric air pump, navigation light, life jacket, teak floor, dining table.


1.The PVC inflatable product is a closed airbag structure, which is soft and comfortable to use.


2.Equipped with a safety inflation valve (mouth), which is sufficient at one time and can be used for many days.


3.It is folded and packaged after deflation, which is light and convenient, easy to carry, and does not take up space for storage


4.The surface of the product is smooth, easy to clean, clean and hygienic.


5.High-quality material: It is made of super-sturdy thermal carbon and tough polymerized PVC, and adopts the international advanced adhesive technology (non-heat-sealing technology), and each seam is glued with 4 layers, which makes the product tough, soft and strong in sealing. . Tensile strength 3478N, tear strength 1572N.


6.Safety: With streamlined design, without any protrusions, to protect children’s safety. It has passed the safety test of American and European children’s toys and fully meets the strict American and European standards. You can choose our products for your children with confidence just like parents in the United States and Europe.


7.Sturdy and durable: It can withstand strong impact and impact pressure, and will never deform and crack. It is particularly strong and durable, with high wear resistance, good tear resistance, good air tightness, high strength, pressure resistance, and durability. Low temperature, strong buffer impact, durable and easy maintenance.


8.Easy to use: Equipped with a safety inflation valve (mouth), which can be fully charged at one time, and can be exhausted for multiple uses, which is durable. Use a small household worm gear electric pump, plug in the power supply, turn on the switch, and quickly complete the inflation process in tens of seconds.

9.Easy to carry: Small in size, light in weight, folded and packaged after deflation, light and convenient, easy to carry, and does not take up space for storage. It can be rolled up and put in a bag when not in use, or taken to camping for outings. (A battery-type air pump is optional.
Max load:2000kgAirbag thickness:1.2mm